Save Samuels

What is Save Samuels?

Save Samuels is a Facebook group of over 500 citizens, taxpayers, friends, neighbors, parents, and guardians in Warren County, Virginia who are on a mission through community action to keep Samuels Public Library as a place for everyone without censorship or discrimination. We do not support the Warren County Board of Supervisor's decision to appropriate 75% of the library's funding in the midst of being overwhelmed with a targeted campaign to remove LGBT+ inclusive books from the library's collection under the guise of "pornography". 


The Tenents of Save Samuels:

We are a diverse coalition that works with people who have different viewpoints: we believe that makes us stronger.


We believe that Samuels Public Library is currently a safe and inclusive environment for all with a professionally managed and curated collection that fully represents our entire community.


We want to preserve the library as the welcoming and inclusive space without discrimination that it is and keep the current availability of books, information, and services managed by its highly professional staff.


We love our library, and we want it to remain the well-run and welcoming place it has always been.


We believe that no one group should dictate what should or should not be in the collection.


Samuels Public Library should continue to offer a full range of materials, programs, and activities with a comprehensive collection that is filled with a variety of views, opinions, topics, and areas of interest.


We endorse the informed decisions made by our knowledgeable staff regarding collection cultivation at Samuels Public Library.


We believe it is the right of parents/guardians to guide their children, and only their children, in finding materials in the collection that are appropriate for them.


We fully support the library’s efforts to provide tools to parents/guardians to help them make decisions about content for themselves and their families.


Our activities and gatherings are always in support of Samuels Public Library. While we protest the actions taken by the Board of Supervisors and want them corrected as soon as possible, we do not protest against other groups or institutions.


We believe love wins - so we will be driven by our love of Samuels Public Library.

If you are interested in becoming a member, join us on Facebook:

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